As a CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) you’ll take your Cisco networking skills to the advanced level. CCNP certification qualifies you to implement LAN, WAN and dial access services for large, enterprise-wide networks. At our CCNP Boot Camp, you’ll complete your CCNP exam and gain real hands-on Cisco skills in just ten days.

Our CCNP training is developed and delivered through our global partnership with IBM Corporation, a Cisco Learning Solutions Partner.


-Microsoft Windows Server 2003 -Microsoft Database Administration -A+ and Network+ -Microsoft Windows 2000


-MCSE Win2003-MCSE Win2000 to Win 2003 Upgrade-MCSA Win2003 -Exchange 2003 -Security Design -SQL Server 2000

Classroom duration:
5 days

Pre-study period:
20 to 60 hours

Understanding Cisco hardware and the Internetwork Operating System (IOS)
Basic router configuration
Router file management techniques
Router security
Ethernet operation and optimization
LAN troubleshooting
Understanding and troubleshooting with the OSI model
Network hardware
Implementing Bridging
Implementing LAN Switching
Designing and implementing Virtual LANs
Designing and implementing routed networks
IP addressing and subnetting
Configuring static IP routing and routing protocols, including RIP and IGRP
Configuring IPX routing, including IPX RIP and SAP
Implementing network security via standard and extended access lists
Implementing and troubleshooting serial WAN links using HDLC and PPP
Implementing and troubleshooting Frame Relay networks
Implementing and troubleshooting ISDN BRI networks


Perform basic setup and management of Cisco routers and switches
Secure your routers and switches from unauthorised access
Enable internetwork routing via static routes
Enable internetwork routing with routing protocols
Configure and troubleshoot leased-line WAN links
Configure and troubleshoot Frame Relay
Configure and troubleshoot ISDN BRI
Configure and troubleshoot complex internetworks comprising the above technologies